In anticipation for the blizzard about to pummel the Northeast, I figured what better time than now to share some cozy wintery interiors and lifestyle shots. Being originally a North-Easterner myself, I have to say I’m pretty jealous of the boat loads of snow about to cover the mountains and rocky coastlines. I miss the mornings of waking up to a fresh blanket of snow and immediately hitting the slopes. Now, granted I'm saying all this because I don't get to experience it anymore, but I know all you Northerner's rather get a root canal then pick up another shovel. So when those of us in the south aren’t shoveling snow and hitting the slopes, we’ll be thinking of you!


Photo Sources: Land Rover // Winter Scene // Dining Room // Fur Chair // Throw // A frame // Living Room // Winter Field // Cozy Couch    

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I believe you can't go wrong with a shelf filled with books...and I mean it! There's nothing better than bringing pops of color and warmth into a room by using the spines of those hardcovers and paperbacks you have packed away in your attic or garage. I give you permission to pull them out, stack them on a coffee table and cover your bare shelves. Don't believe me? Take a look at some of my favorite book shelf designs below and be inspired to start your own personal library at home.   



While roaming around NYC Saturday, I couldn’t help but notice all the amazing storefronts that make up the city’s street level. No two are alike and each radiates its own unique character capturing those of us passing by. After working on a recent design project, where the building facades and retail storefronts were extremely important, I can’t say I’ll ever look at one the same again. I’ve put together just a sampling of some of my favorites found across the world.


Photo Sources: Monocle // Mulberry // Totokaelo // Black Ocean // Aesop // Hotel Central & Cafe // Shinola (me)



If you didn’t know already, my husband (Nick) and I own a little adventure company called Plymouth Rock. It was all a brain child of an adventure we had to West Coast in May. One of the main reasons we started it was to make sure generations behind us have the same ‘natural playgrounds’ that we have today. We’ve partnered up with the National Forest Association and are planting a tree for every single product sold, no matter if it’s a backpack, piece of art, or sticker. For Christmas we’re packaging up some original drawings and offering FREE Priority Shipping so you can give the gift of art and preservation this holiday season.  



This year Nick and I have adopted one of his childhood Christmas traditions of actually cutting down a Christmas Tree ourselves. That’s right, some good ole manual labor, a hand saw, and some muscle! We went non-traditional and veered away from the Firs and stuck with something more indigenous to Georgia, a Leyland Cypress.  Although Magnolia leaves and boxwood branches are beautiful, they seem to be the go-to in the Southeast. I wanted to mix it up a bit and ended up using Juniper and Western Cypress for all the other garland throughout the house.